2008 Obama/McCain Vote by Precinct

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Each dot represents a precinct, but as you zoom in, you will notice differences in the sizes of the dots, with larger dots corresponding to more votes. Precincts in which Obama received more than 50 percent of the vote are colored blue, and precincts with McCain majorities are colored red. In order to illuminate the marginal precincts, we have outlined the dots in white for precincts where the winner’s margin of victory was less than 5 percent. The white dots only begin to appear as you zoom in on a state or region.

To move beyond the simple ESRI slate base map, click on our web map application, where you can experiment with a wide variety of base maps that include roads, rivers, topography, satellite imagery, and far more. It is also possible to add your own layers.

For interactive maps that include block-group-level race and income data, please see the Stanford Election Atlas.

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